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Marcy Smith
Territory Manager, USA South

Pharmco Products and AAPER Alcohol have combined resources to provide more value for you! We manufacture the broadest line of pure and denatured ethanol products in the world as well as a comprehensive line of high purity solvents, acids and other reagent chemicals. We offer these products from railcar to pints shipping from 9 stocking locations, 3 bulk terminals and 3 manufacturing sites in the USA operating under cGMP/ HACCP/ Kosher/ Organic and ISO Certifications. Our business is supported by three fully staffed QC labs and a fleet of dedicated railcars and tank trucks.

Pharmco Products and AAPER Alcohol are not just the commercial partner of the largest producer of Ethanol in Canada. We represent the largest and broadest portfolio of producers of Ethanol in North America and around the world. Pharmco/AAPER collectively has over 100 years of Alcohol expertise! Alcohol is our business - we are “the alcohol experts.” Pharmco/AAPER is vertically integrated from production to finished-product in order to provide Absolute Purity and Absolute Value for you. It’s no wonder that our customers are the “who’s who” of the Flavor, Fragrance, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Research, University, Healthcare and General-Industrial markets. Ask for a list of references and you will see why Pharmco/AAPER is the trusted partner for so many strategic businesses. From single-dose delivery systems to the Space Shuttle, our ethanol is a critical component in products that literally “circle the globe.” Why? With our exhaustive product portfolio, high quality standards and strengths as a producer and manufacturer we provide a level of comfort, capacity and competitiveness that is second to none.

Pharmco/AAPER is unique in other ways as well. We offer the widest selection of formulas, proofs, grades, package sizes and custom specifications as well as an extensive line of high purity solvents and other reagent chemicals. We provide a vast array of resources to support this business from technical support to quality control personnel. We can help you with formulation, regulatory, purchasing, shipping and other technical issues. Taking all this into consideration, Pharmco/AAPER can provide an unparalleled level of capability, capacity, quality, sophistication, and products including: